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Dear Sirs/Madams!

I have the honor to present my compliments to you and provide you with this brief information about our legal house.

Basic principles of LH's work:

  1. personal day-to-day (24/7) management of a customer's legal affairs;
  2. strictest confidentiality of information provided;
  3. deep professional knowledge and skills in various legal practices;
  4. a long professional track record and positive practical experience of the staff;
  5. the ability to work with large volumes of information and under time pressure;
  6. high analytical and creative abilities of employees;
  7. professional document management and record keeping, ensuring the safety and privacy of client cases;
  8. the use of advanced methods for searching, analyzing and processing of information;
  9. minimal involvement of external expertise – self-sufficiency of the staff;
  10. accuracy and precision of client billing.

Corporate client services include:

  1. Legal, managerial and accounting auditing of client's business structures.
  2. Implementation of all corporate legal procedures, including legal affairs with personnel.
  3. Legal support of our client's business.
  4. Protection of client's interests in courts of different spheres of competence.
  5. Personal legal protection of a client, including aspects of family law, inheritance registration, and real estate matters.
  6. Matters related to criminal prosecution, work with demands from inspecting and governmental agencies.
  7. At a customer's request we also provide the protection of its employees' personal interests on favorable terms.
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